The students at GNCGA have a very busy schedule throughout their time here at GNCGA. Each student comes in at 7:30 am to complete school work with our teacher, Mrs. Vicki. They do not leave the golf academy until 5 PM that afternoon. We got a chance to talk to the students to find out a little bit about why they chose GNCGA and if they have any tips for incoming students or kids interested in golf.

The majority of the students said the family atmosphere at GNCGA is their favorite part of GNCGA. All of our students live together in houses experiencing other cultures from different international countries first hand. One student Gonzalo said, “My favorite part is how we are all like a family and how much we help each other to achieve our goals.” The other students commented on the training and staff at GNCGA. Our students have a rigorous training routine each day. Josh said, “Although it is difficult, it pushes me to the best on and off the golf course.”
We also asked the students if they had any advice for incoming students or aspiring golfers. Each of the students had their own tips for success. Jorge says, “No matter how much help you get, the advice and guidance will not be beneficial unless you fully commit to the process and you work hard to achieve your own best possible results.” The students at GNCGA strive for greatness and they help and inspire each other to make sure they are being the best possible players they can be.