Saying Goodbye

As our full time students are slowly starting to make their way home for the summer and our summer campers are beginning to trickle in, its time we recapped the amazing things that have happened at the academy, for the 2017-2018 full time school year.   In August, we had the pleasure of welcoming several new students, as well as some familiar faces. This year’s group of student quickly became

Valentine’s Day Traditions

The time of year has come again when stores are flooded with flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals displaying hearts that read, “Be Mine.” Valentine’s Day is the one day that is dedicated to celebrating those we love. One legend says that the holiday began when Claudius, the leader of Rome during the third century, decided that single men make better soldiers than those with wives and families, and outlawed marriage

Students are thankful…

As the month of November is coming to a close and thanksgiving is just around the corner, our full time students are really beginning to embrace the spirit of the holidays. With all of the things that they have accomplished this semester, they have so many people and things to be thankful for.   First and foremost, they want to thank their parents for all of the sacrifices that they

Diaz replaces Mickelson for U.S. Open

It’s official! Roberto Diaz was the first alternate on the 117th Ceremony of the U.S. Open in Erin Hills, Wisconsin list and will officially replace Phil Mickelson. Diaz of Veracruz, Mexico is the highest-ranked Mexican player in the world golf rankings at number 396.  Mickelson officially withdrew Thursday morning in order to attend his daughter Amanda’s graduation in Carlsbad, California. Diaz, 30, will tee off this afternoon, June 15th, 2017

College Golf: Accepting Scholarships

Verbal commitments are growing in popularity for the NCAA Division I and Division II colleges, and athletes need to understand what they mean. Verbal commitments are a nonbinding scholarship agreement between an athlete and a coach. Here is some helpful advice for accepting the scholarship to a college of your choice. Contact is Crucial College Golf: Accepting Scholarships. A critical component to lock in your scholarship placement is to continue

Playing College Golf: Getting Coaches Attention

If you want to play college golf and earn an athletic scholarship you will have to reach out and contact coaches proactively. Coaches typically cannot call or email you until July 1st which is after your Junior year of high school. Most coaches find out about potential college recruits when the athlete contacts them directly. Recruiting can be processed through online profiles and recruiting services. In addition, before they can

Golf For Beginners: What you should know when first starting to play…

You have decided to give golf a try. Where do you start? What clubs and golf balls should you invest in? You may be at the very first stage of what it takes to feel comfortable enough to play a round with your friends on the course. Most beginners have the highest experience of playing putt putt from time to time growing up. Now that there is interest in increasing your