Many of the full time students that attend the academy, do so in order to earn a college golf scholarship. With ten months of intense training that focuses on golf instruction 30+ hrs per week, sports psychology, fitness instruction, and independent education, our students are constantly preparing for collegiate golf careers.


Like many schools, we offer our students professional college placement help. Recruiter, Josh Kosinski, sits down with each of our students individually to help them reach out to colleges that would be a good fit for them. “ When selecting the right school, it is important that the students check scoring average, set realistic expectations, and find schools that are a good personality match,” said Kosinski. “We use websites such as Golf Stat Prep Report and Ping American College Prep to compare schools that they have interest in, and decide which ones would be best for them.”

A key aspect to choosing the right school is finding schools where our students fit the necessary GPA and SAT requirements. All of the students in our junior class recently took their SAT’s for the first time. Like golf, standardized testing requires practicing and executing the knowledge that you have. Full time student, Maria Arenas, said “ the SAT’s are really important. I really had to study and practice my ability to analyze the material.”


However, our students have an academic advantage going into college that many students at their age level do not: flexibility and independency. Like most colleges, our students do their schooling through an online program. This allows them to take their work with them to tournaments in order to finish their assignments on time. Our students also have the responsibility of managing their time wisely and turning in their assignments. This helps prepare them for collegiate golf, because it is something that they will already be used to doing.


Full time student, Santiago, Sanchez, is a junior at the academy and is in the peak time of his college selection process. Sanchez wants to find a college that would provide him with high quality education, as well as the ability to play collegiate golf.As he searches for the right college for him, he is looking into the majors, culture, and location of schools. “ I want to find a school that has everything that I am looking for,”he said.

Once our students find schools that they are interested in, the next step is reaching out. Kosinski has helped all of our students write personal letters to the colleges of their choosing. “I tell the kids to just be themselves. Let the schools know what they’re looking for in a school and a coach, and the right schools will get back to them.