5 Golf Tips for Kids

5 Golf Tips for Kids

Golf is becoming a more desired sport across the world and mini Tiger Woods are blooming everywhere. The earlier you get a child involved in Golf, the greater the chance they will excel as a junior Golfer. Golf stores, local driving ranges and golf lessons can be found locally and is a good place for kids to start learning golf. These places provide the resources to help you get your proper

Full Time Golf Academy Program

Full Time Golf Academy Program Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy is a full-time boarding and non-boarding golf academy that offers a variety of programs. We offer summer camps, full-time, post-graduate, customized and adult programs. Our full time program provides the most talented junior golfers in the U.S. and abroad with an instruction program and training environment in which the ability to play collegiate and professional golf can be fully developed.

3 Reasons to Join Summer Golf Camp

Summer is upon us and school’s almost out! How exciting! What are your plans this summer? If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids and are in Myrtle Beach, check out Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy summer golf camp! Spots are limited and camp starts in two weeks! Summer golf camp is not your typical traditional summer camp. It is focused on Golf specific training and

Happy Mothers Day

I was recently watching the Procter and Gamble thank you moms Olympic commercial this year and tears came down my face. It shows the athletes getting ready for their game, performance or act while also showing childhood memories of when they were scared and how the mom protected them. It showed moms calming down their kids during a storm, a crash or a difficult situation. “It is going to be