HJGT 2017

HJGT 2017

Over the weekend, our full time students participated in their first tournament of the year, the Myrtle Beach Jr. Challenge Tournament sanctioned by the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT). The tournament was attended by our full time students, Junior Player Golf Academy’s full time students, as well as a few individual players. All of the tournament preparation really paid off, judging by the success of our players. Four of our

1,2,3 Fitness!

Now that the school year is in full swing, and the full time students’ first tournament is coming up, their fitness is more important than ever.  At the beginning of every academic year, Fitness and Nutrition Instructor, Kelly Shobe, does fitness assessments with the students in order to determine their personal fitness level and what areas they may need to make progress in. Shobe does cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance,

Programs at GNCGA

The beginning of September has been filled with lots of events at the Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy. Our new full time students and postgraduate players have begun to settle in with their coaches and daily routine. Our students come to us from several different countries: Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Switzerland, Sweden, and Venezuela. Due to the flooding effects from Hurricane Irma, the students had a few days off,  but are