Everything You Should Know About Bunkers

Here is everything you should know about bunkers; A bunker is a depression near the green or fairway that is typically made of sand. It is difficult to hit the ball out of a bunker and entering it is therefore considered punitive to a golfer who missed the target with the previous shot. Use the sand wedge to extract the ball from a bunker, which requires well-developed skill. After finishing

Safe Practices for Golf Training

Starting a new training regimen or practice routine can be intimidating both physically and mentally. Here are seven tips to help you next time you hit the gym or golf course, including safe practices for golf training. Stay Hydrated Drinking a lot of water is very crucial and good for the body. If you’re working out, are on the golf course, doing a marathon or triathlon, choose drinks that replace

Ryder Cup 2016: A three day golf competition for men

The Ryder Cup is a three-day men’s golf competition that was established in 1927. This competition is between the top 9 players from Europe and the top 9 players from the United States. This event happens every two years. The Ryder Cup is named after the English businessman Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy that each team takes home if they win that year. The Ryder Cup remains an exception

What makes a great golf course?

Golf is a sport that has become very popular for a wide variety of people. Whether you are playing for a business outing, with friends or family, the game of golf has grown! There are many factors that people look for when choosing a location to play a round of golf. With this being said, here are some factors that people consider for a golf course to be great: