Congrats Jose and Carlos

Congrats Jose and Carlos

Over the weekend, November 21-22, some of our full-time students played in the Hilton Head Junior Shootout, sanctioned by Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT).  This shootout was held at the Palmetto Dunes-George Fazio Golf Course. Two of GNCGA’s full-time students had an incredible round! Jose placed first and Carlos tied for second in his division. For more information about this shootout, visit  or to see upcoming HJGT tournaments, visit

Golf Tour Players: Roberto D. and Yoshio

If you are ever visiting North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, please be sure to stop by Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy and tour the academy! Our 10,000+ square feet facility houses 2 classrooms, full locker rooms, a one-of-a kind gym featuring Cybex equipment and three hitting bays for students to practice in which are equipped with V-1 video analysis. Greg Normans Champions Golf Academy has the honor to have four

Fitness Tip #7: Cardiorespiratory Endurance

With increased demands on time, young golfers want to workout quickly but keep their cardio respiratory endurance at optimal efficiency. High Intensity Interval Training involves alternating between very intense bouts of exercise and low intensity exercise, preferably at a 1:4 interval ratio for beginners. So jog at a moderate intensity for 60 seconds then sprint for 15 seconds (complete 10 times) ,but only once or twice a week to increase

Happy Veterans Day 2015

Happy Veterans Day to all who are currently serving our country and those who did serve our country. Today we recognize and honor those people and we can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication. Photo Credit: Fox59

Fitness Tip #6: Important Components of any Physical Fitness Regimen

As young golfers prepare physically for years of competitive rounds, the most important components of their fitness regimen include: core stability, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance. By focusing on utilizing their own body weight for strengthening, shoulder injuries can be prevented by incorporating exercises for the rotator cuff as well as pushups-incline, decline, or even modified (on the knees). A strong upper body will allow for good acceleration and deceleration

Fitness Tip #5: Fitness and Injury Prevention

In considering fitness, young golfers want to remember key areas of the body must be protected to prevent overuse injuries. The primary focal points are shoulders, hip joints, knees, and ankles. If hamstring strains and ankle sprains are two of the most common injury sites, then the focus will be on balance between the muscles of the upper leg called the femur (quadriceps and hamstrings) as well as the lower

Fitness Tip #4: Importance of Flexibility

Young golfers typically desire more distance from their golf swing. Therefore, as muscles are developed, maintaining good flexibility and balance will be key! If flexibility is defined as ‘the range of motion around a joint in the body’, then improving it through “static” stretching (during and after workouts) is crucial. Static stretching is a stationary ‘hold’ of the muscle. Hold each of the 7 stretches below for 15-30 seconds and