Golf programs for every age

Golf programs for every age

Golf is ­­­­­­­a worldwide sport that many females and males of all ages enjoy playing. Our golf programs are programs for every age! Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers 52,000 square feet of practice greens and bunkers and 100,800 square feet of practice tees. We offer golf programs for all ages. Whether you are looking to focus on long game, bunker play, putting, or

Golf Programs and Tournaments

Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy, located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers a variety of golf programs for many ages. These programs are junior summer camps, adult golf lessons, full time program, customized program, tour player program and a post graduate program. Students who attend the full-time program have the opportunity to participate in many junior golf tournaments each year. This allows for them to be seen by colleges,

Home Exercises

For golfers, it is important to stay healthy even when you can’t get outside or to the gym. It a good idea to have a work out routine at home that can be done anytime and anywhere. Below are some exercises for you to try at home: Mini band sideway step 10 x each direction Step back lunges with a rear crossover 10 x each leg Glute bridge 10x Medicine

Students went to Spain!

Our full-time students play in a variety of tournaments each year from various Junior golf associations and recently they got back from Tarragona Spain! Some of the associations include Global Junior Golf, American Junior Golf Association, Optimist Golf and Hurricane Junior Golf Tour. On Friday October 28th, four of our full-time students: Sam Shostek, Carlos Garre, Andres Domenech and Sydney Abruzzino left to participate in the Evolve Spanish Junior Championship

Golf and Flexibility

Golf is a highly dynamic sport that requires stability, balance, flexibility and coordination in addition to body awareness so using explosive and reactive power will generate the golf swing that a player desires! In the explosive power movements, you create a single movement in one direction but reactive power combines two or more muscle movements or create power. If the goal is to create more acceleration with the club head,