Student reviews- GNCGA

Student reviews- GNCGA

The students at GNCGA have a very busy schedule throughout their time here at GNCGA. Each student comes in at 7:30 am to complete school work with our teacher, Mrs. Vicki. They do not leave the golf academy until 5 PM that afternoon. We got a chance to talk to the students to find out a little bit about why they chose GNCGA and if they have any tips for

Core Strength and Flexibility for Golfers

During the winter time at the academy, students should focus more on their core strength and flexibility. Core strength is important to keep the students healthy and fit during their downtime. GNCGA’s fitness and nutrition instructor, Kelly, mentioned that this is the best way to continue to work with the students. This way they are working their muscles they would normally work while playing golf. When they get more time

What’s going on with our tour players…

Not only does GNCGA help students who want to become professional golfers, but GNCGA helps improve and progress our own tour players. Our certified coaches and Director of Golf work closely to create personalized programs to help identify and overcome obstacles to help improve and maximize their talent. Our staff can also determine what the tour players need in order to succeed on tour. Roberto D. has been very busy

Looking back at 2015! GNCGA

What a wonderful year we had here at GNCGA! It was filled with fun, new students, lots of tournaments and great golfing weather!  Students who have been attending here at GNCGA, as well as our new students, have all had the opportunity to create new friendships that will last a lifetime with others from around the globe, improve on their golf game and learn the proper fundamentals about nutrition and