I was recently watching the Procter and Gamble thank you moms Olympic commercial this year and tears came down my face. It shows the athletes getting ready for their game, performance or act while also showing childhood memories of when they were scared and how the mom protected them. It showed moms calming down their kids during a storm, a crash or a difficult situation. “It is going to be alright” the moms from different backgrounds, countries and languages said. After, the commercial flashed to the competition showcasing how their moms influenced them to get to the point where they are now in life.

The full circle moment was when they actually won the match or game and their moms were there cheering for them on the sidelines, applauding and screaming “you can do it”!

Moms cheer us on, hold us tight, wipe our tears and encourage us to do our best.  At GNCGA, we have full time boarding students who are away from their moms and family members. We are super thankful for their mom’s support and how they trust us to take care of their precious gifts, raise them up and train them to be great athletes. Dear moms, we honor you and thank you for all you have done and do for your children. They will grow up to be incredible young men and women.

Our students have a special message for all the mom, watch below.