Christmas break is over and the new year has begun. With the first tournament of 2018 coming up next weekend, the students have quickly shifted back to golf mode. As the students are finishing up their first week back to the academy on the golf course, there are new faces. We enjoy having new students and are excited to announce they will be joining us for the spring semester, as well as a professional golfer looking to brush up on his skills.

Full time student, Fernando Carbaja, came to the academy from Mexico. Fernando was told by a close friend about the academy, and wanted to check it out. He is most looking forward to playing in tournaments and improving his golf game. “I’m excited to see how Coach Tyler helps me with my putting and driving,”said Carbaja.


Also from Mexico, is post graduate student Victor Vargas. Victor is hoping that being at the academy will help him create exposure, and allow him to play golf at the collegiate level. His coaches at home encouraged him to come, in order to help improve his putting and short game. “I can’t wait to learn and improve my golf skills , but im most excited to have the opportunity to play on all the new courses and experience golf at the beach,” said Vargas.

With his professional season coming up soon, German Native Joe Staudinger came to the academy for the opportunity to be outside and play on beautiful courses. “ I’ve played on courses in California, Spain, and Germany but the Myrtle Beach courses are some of my favorite,” said Staudinger. Although he has been playing golf for over seven years, he enjoys learning and improving his craft, which is why he came to the academy.