There is the official PGA Etiquette Rules for golf that every golfer should be aware of.

When it comes to playing on the course, are you following the rules? There are probably some rules you are breaking. Here are some major rules to follow:

  1. Failing to pick up the flag stick

It may not seem like a big deal for your game. However, it could be costing the game for the group behind you. Not being able to see where the hole is is a big issue. The group behind you now must take time out of their game to pick up the flag stick and go back to their ball. This can also cause a major buildup of groups behind.

  1. Checking your phone too much

Not only are you holding up your group, it could be costing you extra fun on the course. Being in the technology hub century may be hard, but put it down and enjoy your time on the course. If you need to have your phone on, make sure it is on silent

  1. Gimmes

This goes for both ends of the spectrum. Don’t be the player that gives out too many and therefore, takes away from the game all together. Don’t be the player who needs to finish out the putt two inches away from the hole. Be fair and be consistent to each other!

  1. Showing up late for you tee time

An average golfer should arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee time. In fact, most courses and clubs require at least 30 minutes. If you show up any less than that, you are running the risk of delaying further tee times. The best thing to do is to arrive early enough to get a warm up on the putting green or driving range before heading up to tee off. You can never warm up too much!


Hopefully these tips get you and your friends back into the swing of how much fun golf can be! See you out on the course!