At GNCGA, we have many different programs to fit what you’re looking for. Our post-graduate program gives students the chance to take a break after graduating high school to focus solely on golf training. With the help from our certified coaches, we give our students the ability to compete effectively on the collegiate level without losing a year of eligibility.

Our program consists of 10 months of intense training that focuses on golf instruction, sport psychology and fitness instruction. Emphasis is placed on competing at the collegiate level. At GNCGA we use state of the art technology, including Trackman and V-1 Analysis. The students start their day with fitness, 9:30 AM-10:30 AM, then they spend the rest of the day training until 5 PM.

At GNCGA, we use the exceptional methodology created by Greg Norman from his experience being number 1 for 331 consecutive weeks. We are able to provide the resources to create better people on and off the golf course.