Welcome Trackman!

At GNCGA we strive to give our students the best possible experiences on and off the golf course. We are able to utilize our certified coaches and state of the art technology to help improve their skills.

Trackman is able to give our coaches and students a complete 3-D golf analysis. Trackman shows the students...

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Words from Our Students

The students at GNCGA have a very busy schedule throughout their time here at GNCGA. Each student comes in at 7:30 am to complete school work with our teacher, Mrs. Vicki. They do not leave the golf academy until 5 PM that afternoon. We got a chance to talk to the students to find out...

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Core Strength and Flexibility

During the winter time at the academy, students should focus more on their core strength and flexibility.  Core strength is important to keep the students healthy and fit during their downtime. GNCGA's fitness and nutrition instructor, Kelly, mentioned that this is the best way to continue to work with the students. This way they are...

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Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

Do you know how to find your RHR, how to calculate your RHR and why knowing it is important?

Three easy places to find your RHR are:

Your wrist Side of your neck Inside of your elbow

To calculate your RHR, use the following formula:

220 – your age = (max heart rate) – resting heart rate*


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