Good luck full-time students and tour players!

Our full time students headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina yesterday (10/22) to play in the Low Country Junior Shootout, October 24-25, sanctioned by Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT). This tournament will be played at the Dolphin Head Golf Club. For more information about this tournament, visit . Our tour players are in Coyoacan,...

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Fitness Tip #2: Golf and Flexibility

Golf is a highly dynamic sport that requires stability, balance, flexibility and coordination in addition to body awareness so using explosive and reactive power will generate the golf swing that a player desires! In the explosive power movements, you create a single movement in one direction but reactive power combines...

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Fitness Tip #3: Healthy Eating is Important for Your Game

Before a tournament or practice round is not the time to skip a meal! A meal that contains equal parts of protein and complex carbohydrates will balance your blood sugar levels for the upcoming activity.

Examples of complex carbohydrates include:

Cereals and grains: oats, porridge, muesli and bran

Seeds: pumpkin, sunflower or nuts

Fresh fruit


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Fitness Tip #1: Correct Posture for the Shoulder

In golf, many people mention rotator cuff exercises but neglect the shoulder blade/scapula. While exercising is very important, if your scapula is protruding, your shoulder will not be as strong or as stable as it should be. Your stabilizing muscles in the rotator cuff are attached to the floating bone that is designed to assist...

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