Fitness Tip #4: Importance of Flexibility

Young golfers typically desire more distance from their golf swing. Therefore, as muscles are developed, maintaining good flexibility and balance will be key! If flexibility is defined as ‘the range of motion around a joint in the body’, then improving it through “static” stretching (during and after workouts) is crucial. Static stretching is a stationary ‘hold’ of the muscle.

  • Hold each of the 7 stretches below for 15-30 seconds and repeat twice with each side of the body.

  • Don’t bounce, just relax and exhale as the muscle stretches.

  • There may be a mild discomfort or pulling of the muscle as you stretch, but no pain!

Side Stretch, Neck Stretch, Tricep Stretch, Rotator Cuff, Cat Stretch, Rotation Lunge, Hamstring Stretch, Forearm and Wrist Stretch

Lie on back and loop a resistance band or yoga strap around one foot. While keeping both legs straight and toes pointing towards the floor above head, pull the band back until the calf and hamstring stretch. Hold for 20 seconds then slowly drop the leg to the outside while keeping the back flat. Hold for another 20 seconds. Then, move the leg across the body, keep the behind flat on the floor. Hold for another 20 seconds then switch legs and repeat. –Kelly Shobe, Fitness and Nutrition at GNCGA

Photo Credit: Junior Golf Scoreboard