Fitness Tip #2: Golf and Flexibility

Golf is a highly dynamic sport that requires stability, balance, flexibility and coordination in addition to body awareness so using explosive and reactive power will generate the golf swing that a player desires! In the explosive power movements, you create a single movement in one direction but reactive power combines...

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Fitness Tip #1: Correct Posture for the Shoulder

In golf, many people mention rotator cuff exercises but neglect the shoulder blade/scapula. While exercising is very important, if your scapula is protruding, your shoulder will not be as strong or as stable as it should be. Your stabilizing muscles in the rotator cuff are attached to the floating bone that is designed to assist...

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Never Forget

Fourteen years ago today was a day that will never be forgotten. September 11, 2001 was a day that made history. Today we remember those today who lost loved ones, the individuals who lost their lives and all the people who served for our nation.

We ask that you...

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Arnold Palmer

Happy 86th Birthday, Arnold Daniel Palmer, aka “the King” and “Arnie”! Palmer was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and is a retired American professional golfer who won 92 tournaments on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour during his career! He earned a golf scholarship to Wake Forest University in North Carolina, where he won three...

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