Full Time Program - Overview

Full Time Program The Program starts in August and ends in May.

Full time program


  • Provides the most talented middle school and high school age golfers in the U.S. and abroad with an instructional program and a training environment in which the ability to play collegiate and professional golf can be fully developed.

  • Delivers students with 30+hrs per week of consistent and effective golf training based on the direct experience of what it takes to compete and win at every level of the game.

  • GNCGA’s professional environment offers an unparalleled college preparatory academic experience in accordance with NCAA guidelines.

  • Maintains a student-instructor ratio of 6:1 and a student-teacher ratio of 14:1 to ensure students receive exceptional golf training and the best academic education.

  • With the exceptional teaching methodology that Greg Norman developed with his experience of being number 1 in the world for 331 consecutive weeks allows GNCGA to provide the resources to create better people on and off the golf course.