Frequently Asked Questions

Sending your junior golfer to a full time golf academy may not be an easy decision so we wanted to answer some common questions and concerns parents have in regards to our boarding golf program.

1. Is my son/daughter going to get a scholarship to play in college if he/she attends GNCGA’s full-time program?

No one can promise that he/she will be getting a scholarship, or a spot on a collegiate team. GNCGA provides all of the necessary resources for him/her to succeed as a student-athlete and play at a collegiate level and beyond. However, the outcome will rely on his/her discipline, dedication, and attitude to want to succeed in both golf and academics. GNCGA does have over 90% scholarship rate for juniors to attend an American University.

2. How many coaches does the academy have? What is the student-instructor ratio?

We currently have Scott Shobe, who is the Director of Golf and Tour Player Development and two certified coaches, Eddie Overstreet and Joe De Maio. At GNCGA, we maintain a student-instructor ratio of 6:1.

3. What handicap should my son/daughter have / or how good does my child need to be to attend GNCGA?

GNCGA does not have a limitation on handicap or score to attend the academy. An application form and player resume or portfolio are required to all potential students in order to learn a little more about them, and most importantly to identify if our program is appropriate for their goals and aspirations, and whether training at this level is the student’s dream and not someone else’s dream.  It is the coach’s job to make them a better player, but to teach passion for the game is very difficult, it needs to come from within.

4. Can my son/daughter obtain a scholarship to attend GNCGA?

It is uncommon for GNCGA to give scholarships to attend GNCGA, however, students can be considered for a scholarship if they have demonstrated with their enthusiasm, improvement, and academic or golf performance that they are eager to continue to be part of GNCGA, and therefore have earned that scholarship.

5. Do you have financing?

No. GNCGA offers different plan payments that can be comfortable for the student’s family or sponsor.

6. How many tournaments do GNCGA students play a year?

GNCGA students play 10 domestic tournaments, and 3 international tournaments on average every year. GNCGA students typically play Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT), American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), Optimist, Global Junior Golf (GJG) and National Junior Golf Tour (NJGT) tournaments. In addition GNCGA hosts 3-5  yearly tournaments with AJGA, GJG and Optimist.

7. Do your students go to Division 1 colleges after high school graduation?

Our students have obtained and been offered scholarships from NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 schools, as well as NAIA Division 1 and 2.

8. What can you tell me about the accommodations?

Our houses are located at the Farm in Carolina Forest. This development offers basketball courts, bike paths and an amenities center with a large community pool and exercise room. In each house there is a house parent that supervises the students and takes care of their everyday basic needs. We provide mattresses, toiletries and such.

9. What should my child bring?

We recommend your child bring their golf gear (clubs, tees, golf balls, shoes, etc.),  clothes for the seasoned months, toiletries. Our houses provide towels, bed sheets, pillows, washer and dryer. We have house parents who are responsible for each of the students. They cook meals for them, shuttle them to and from the academy and take them to fun activities on certain days.

10. How does the academic program work?

 At GNCGA, students attend school Monday- Friday 7:30am-10:30am. We offer two classrooms equipped with all the learning tools and essentials they need in order to receive an outstanding education. We are partnered with Risen Christ (RCLS) who is a nationally accredited school (NLSA) and a SEVIS certified institution which allows I-20’s to be issued for obtaining a student visa. In the classroom, teachers are responsible for making sure the students stay on top on their homework and daily assignments to ensure they do not fall behind. We also offer an English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Our English Language department is designed to enhance our international students’ English language skills in academic, professional and social settings. GNCGA has instructors trained in teaching ESL to create a rewarding and enjoyable classroom experience for our students.

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