Golf is ­­­­­­­a worldwide sport that many females and males of all ages enjoy playing. Our golf programs are programs for every age!

Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers 52,000 square feet of practice greens and bunkers and 100,800 square feet of practice tees. We offer golf programs for all ages. Whether you are looking to focus on long game, bunker play, putting, or all three, we have you covered. Our certified coaches are trained and ready to help you improve.

At GNCGA, we offer six different programs: adult golf lessons, junior summer camps, full-time program, post-graduate program, tour player program and a customized program.

Adult golf lessons:

Even if your chance to play professional golf has passed you by, we appreciate your desire to increase your enjoyment of the game. We offer a variety of packages to help you: 1,2 and 3-day golf schools, a nine-hole playing lesson and hourly lessons! All aspects of the game will be covered. Players will also receive on-course instruction and assistance from our certified staff. Come improve your golf game at our world class facility and have the opportunity to utilize the most advanced training tools like V-1 analysis and Trackman Technology.

Junior summer camps:

  • Begins in May and continues weekly through September.
  • These camps provide players with the opportunity to experience the same training program as our full-time high school and post-graduate students.
  • The personalized program focuses on full swing, short game, course management, physical fitness, and fundamentals that will last a lifetime.
  • English as a second language is available for a 3-week program.
  • Boarding tuition includes six nights of accommodations, five days of golf and golf instruction (Monday through Friday), a personalized fitness program, V-1 video analysis, Trackman technology, transportation, a personalized golf bag and meals.

Full-time program:

  • This program starts in August and ends in May; however, we do offer flexible start dates in September and October along with flexible end dates in June and July. This program focuses on golf instruction, sports psychology, physical fitness and college placement. Special emphasis is placed on the transition to the collegiate level.
  • Delivers students with 30+ hours a week of consistent and effective golf training.
  • Offers an unparalleled college preparatory academic experience in accordance with NCAA guidelines.
  • Maintains a student-instructor ratio of 6:1 and a student-teacher ratio of 14:1.
  • English as a second language is available for a 3-week program.

Post-graduate program:

  • This program consists of nine months of intense training!
  • This program was designed to prepare players for collegiate golf and beyond.
  • This program works well with many young adults in the sense that it offers such a flexible schedule as to when one can start and finish the program.
  • English as a second language is available for a 3-week program.
  • Gives individuals between the ages of 17 and older one extra year to improve their golf game in order to complete effectively at the collegiate level without losing a year of eligibility.

Tour player program:

GNCGA works with professional players from the PGA, LPGA,, eGolf Tour and other tours with the coaching and tools they need to train effectively during and between competitive seasons to develop a personalized training program specifically designed to identify obstacles to continue growth as a player, maximize talent, and determine changes that need to be implemented in order to improve, succeed, and progress on tour.

Customized program:

At GNCGA, you are able to customize your program based on what you need and what you would like to work on. Players can combine any of our different packages together to create their own unique approach to train efficiently and effectively.