Summer camp will set the mood for your entire summer. You want it filled with memories, fun, and friends. A big factor that could be missing from your decision is improvement and development; whether in your golf life or personal life.

Do you want memories; fun filled memories? GNCGA summer camp can help you create those fun-filled memories.

Afraid the rainy days will keep you bored at golf camp? GNCGA offers three large hitting bays for practice on site, a state-of-the-art workout facility, and local entertainment. Not only do you get to train and play golf all day, GNCGA is located in the heart of a prime entertainment and vacation destination. There are miles of beaches that include water activities such as:



-paddle boarding


-wakeboarding, and more!

There are also a lot of water parks, museums, restaurants, go-karts, plus much, much more!

While waking up early may not be your ideal idea of summer camp, it is worth the fun on and off the golf course with us. Depending on the week, our attendance includes students from multiple countries as well as the states, so playing golf and being able to experience other cultures could be in store for you!

You will get fitness instruction with our Fitness & Nutrition Director, Kelly Shobe. A lunch every afternoon and 30+ hours of golf training all while still enjoying what North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach have to offer. We are located at Barefoot Resort and have access to four designer golf courses. Our coaches use V-1 video analysis to help optimize our students when they are training.

While attendance is a 7-day program, you can extend to additional weeks based on availability. This includes 5 days of training, a personalized golf bag, transportation, and boarding. If you are a local to the area, there are non-boarding options to accommodate your needs as well!

At GNCGA, we strive to ensure the best experience for each golfer in training. Whether you are just starting out or on the verge of becoming a professional, we can accommodate you based on your skill and needs level. Do not settle for the cookie cutter summer camp again!

We offer 18 weeks of summer camp that begin in May and run on a weekly basis through September!

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