During the winter time at the academy, students should focus more on their core strength and flexibility.
Core strength is important to keep the students healthy and fit during their downtime. GNCGA’s fitness and nutrition instructor, Kelly, mentioned that this is the best way to continue to work with the students. This way they are working their muscles they would normally work while playing golf. When they get more time to play golf in the spring, it is like they never stopped playing. This has the potential to make the students better at their swing and coil by using the recommended routines.
Flexibility is another very important aspect to keep up with during the winter months. Flexibility controls your swing and can improve your contact with the golf ball. There are many different ways Kelly helps the students increase their flexibility during downtime. GNCGA provides state-of-the-art equipment that is specific to improving their flexibility and their golf game. Greg Norman himself was involved in designing features on these machines.