Golf is a demanding sport and one that includes many challenges, changes and mental awareness.

Here are ten golf mistakes to avoid.

1) Demanding perfection on the golf course:  Far too often we demand perfection on the golf course, however, it’s important to remember that golf is not a game of perfection and that bad shots as well as bad breaks are all just a part of the game. How you’re able to grind and score with your “C” game is just as important as posting a good number when you’re on your “A” game

2) Playing without a gameplay: One of the most important aspects that most amateur players ignore is setting a game plan for the course. In tournament play especially it is beneficial to sit down for 30 minutes after your practice round to determine your strategy for the event such as which holes will you hit with a driver vs. a 3 wood or iron. Will you be going for each par 5 in two shots, or laying up to a specific yardage? Which holes will you be aggressive, which will you play toward the center of the green?  Having a set game plan and sticking to it on the course will help calm your nerves, eliminate indecision, and help to lower your score.

3) Poor Attitude: A strong, positive attitude can act as a great 15th club in a golfer’s bag. Conversely, a poor attitude will ultimately lead to worse scoring and a less enjoyable time on the course.  Focus on keeping a positive attitude throughout the round to score the best round you are cable of shooting on a given day.

4) Not getting fit for Golf Clubs. “By getting fit for your clubs, you can make the game easier,” said PGA Professional Tyrus York of the High Performance Golf Academy in Lexington, Kentucky. “For example, by having a driver that is fit to your swing, you can optimize ball flight, which will not only lead to distance gains, but also improved accuracy”

5) Not understanding the rules of Golf. Don’t make simple mistakes just because you don’t understand the rules. Learn the rules consistently and ask questions.

6) Leaving your club behind on a previous hole. This is like an unwritten rule and yes it can happen but ideally it should not. It will be a hassle for you later.

7) Now knowing the proper etiquette. Golf is a well respected sport which has stayed true to its rules and values and is a big promoter of etiquette. Be conscious that it is not just you on the golf course and respect other players and most importantly respect the golf course. If someone hits the bunker, they may get mad and may not rake the bunker well, which can set other players behind you up for failure. Also fixing the divots and pitch marks are extremely important.

8) Improper set-up. Standing too far from the ball or too close. Don’t deviate from fundamentals: setup, posture and alignment. People tend to blame their swing  but in reality  it can be an improper setup such as alignment.

9) Poor course management planning. In order to maximize your birdie chances, course management is imperative. Give yourself as many chances as you can in those 18 hours; poor course management can end up hurting you more than helping. Make a plan how you will play the course when you are doing your practice round, this will enable you to see where to hit and which places to miss if needed.

10) Have fun. A lot of people take golf way too seriously and forget why they decided to play in the first place… to have a good time while playing a great sport.

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