Golf For Beginners: What you should know when first starting to play…

You have decided to give golf a try. Where do you start? What clubs and golf balls should you invest in? You may be at the very first stage of what it takes to feel comfortable enough to play a round with your friends on the course. Most beginners have


Experiencing Monday After the Masters

It was an astounding win by Sergio Garcia on Sunday for the 2017 Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA. Can the Masters prove to be any more suspenseful? Garcia finally obtained his first green jacket. He proved that challenging work and determination pays off every time. If you can’t get enough

Full Time Students

What It Means to be a Student at GNCGA

Golf is a lifestyle. Whether you play once a month or every day, it impacts how you act off the course. If helps shape the person you have been, are now, and will be in the future. What it is like for students attending Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy? The


Summer Camp at GNCGA

Summer camp will set the mood for your entire summer. You want it filled with memories, fun, and friends. A big factor that could be missing from your decision is improvement and development; whether in your golf life or personal life. Do you want memories; fun filled memories? GNCGA summer

Tour Players

What’s going on with our tour players…

Not only does GNCGA help students who want to become professional golfers, but GNCGA helps improve and progress our own tour players. Our certified coaches and Director of Golf work closely to create personalized programs to help identify and overcome obstacles to help improve and maximize their talent. Our staff

Online Store

The Most Powerful Weapon: Education

GNCGA offers many programs to further our students learning and education. We partner with Risen Christ for our education and ESL programs. Risen Christ Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy offers a wide variety of education levels and classes for every middle and high school full time student. With our partnership

Fitness/Nutrition Tips

You Are What You Eat

Athletes need to be careful about what they consume into their bodies. What you put in, you get out. Foods contain combinations of many nutrients. No single food can supply all nutrients in the amounts the body requires. Most of all, meat, fish, and poultry are major contributors of iron,